Annunziata retiring after nearly three decades in public service

Anna Annunziata at the constituency office of MP Tony Baldinelli on Jarvis Street in Fort Erie. Supplied photo. 


After dedicating the past 27 years of her life to her community, Anna Annunziata, Fort Erie constituency office manager for MP Tony Baldinelli, will be retiring at the end of this week. 

Anna’s career in public service began in the office of Tim Hudak, MPP for what was then the riding of Erie-Lincoln. 

The initial transition to photo-ID health cards from the traditional red/white version took place while Anna was working for Hudak. Anna played a key role in assisting citizens, particularly seniors, to complete the process necessary to adapt to the new model. 

“It was a challenge,” Anna said in an interview with The Niagara Independent. “There was a lot of planning that needed to be done to help (particularly) our seniors with the transition”. 

Following her tenure with Hudak, MP Rob Nicholson (now retired) excitedly invited Anna to join his constituency team 17 years ago. She worked on a wide range of cases with many complicated components. 

Anna recalls a time when she was able to help a refugee applicant overcome the logistical complexities of obtaining status for herself and her son. “She is such a hard worker… and she has raised a wonderful son”. 

“He loves science and is very politically aware,” Anna remarked, “he has an incredibly bright future”. 

When Rob Nicholson retired in 2019, Anna continued to serve the constituents of Fort Erie in the constituency office of MP Tony Baldinelli. This turned out to be, of course, perhaps the most unpredictable period in her career. 

Anna explained the trials and tribulations endured throughout the pandemic. 

“It’s been tough… people are hurting, and they need help…yet, there have been many delays and obstacles to overcome due to interruptions and system overloads”. The Fort Erie office was always open, working to serve constituents, even throughout the lockdowns. 

Anna highlighted the amazing support that her husband and family have provided her over the years. “They’re all huge Conservatives. They have always been positive, encouraging and extremely understanding… especially about attending events on evenings, weekends, etc.”. 

“But the family was always a big priority for all of us… we did it all.” 

Many people are inspired by Anna’s remarkable career. She has provided a true example of servant leadership in our community. 

When asked about any advice/tips she might have for those hoping to serve in similar positions, Anna had some valuable thoughts: “Seek to inform yourself about politics, the issues, etc., affirm people’s concerns and demonstrate your care”. 

Anna looks forward to time with her family and serving her community in new ways. 

Nick completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Labour Studies at Brock University. He previously served in the Office of Mayor Jim Diodati and the Constituency Office of MP Tony Baldinelli. Nick has always held a keen interest in local, Canadian and international politics. In his free time, Nick enjoys reading biographies and memoirs, studying history and following various sports. Nick resides in Niagara Falls. 

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