Conservatives nominating local candidates ahead of next federal election

The period for nominations in St. Catharines has not yet closed and there is much speculation about additional big-name candidates joining the race in the coming days. Pictured: Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre. Photo Credit: Pierre Poilievre/X. 


As Canadians anticipate a new federal election cycle, the Conservatives are preparing to nominate candidates for the upcoming campaign. In the ridings of Niagara Falls and Niagara West, incumbents Tony Baldinelli and Dean Allison have been re-nominated to carry the party torch for another four years. Fred Davies, Port Colborne Regional Councillor, has received the confidence of Conservatives in Niagara Centre to win the seat. In the riding of St. Catharines, however, things are heating up. 

Hayden Lawrence is a St. Catharines resident and involved community member seeking the Conservative nomination. He currently serves as a corporate partnerships manager for Forge FC, as well as for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He is also actively engaged in his community, where he has coached kids’ sports, served on various volunteer boards and is involved with his local Conservative electoral district association. 

“This election is about our future,” Lawrence shared, reflecting on his decision to enter the race. “Up-and-coming generations, the kids I coach, are fearful about the path our nation is going down under the current Liberal government. Previous governments, be they Liberal and Conservative, strived to do big things, to face the music… no one is doing that right now.” 

“It’s time to get past band-aids and half-baked thoughts and get down to the business of making life better for the people in our communities.” 

Lawrence says that it is not merely abstract issues, but the impact he sees these problems having on the people in his life that has inspired him to throw his hat in the ring. 

“I come from three generations of single mothers,” Lawrence explained. “I grew up very poor, with my mom, and we routinely had to make very difficult decisions about meeting basic needs. Today, I am a caregiver for my great-grandmother, who is approaching her 100th birthday and struggles with dementia… I have been working over four years, at this juncture, to help her access the long-term care she needs.” 

“I absolutely love my city, and have dedicated my entire adult life to helping coach young people and facilitating community care. I want to take this passion to the House of Commons and advocate for my friends and neighbours, of all ages, who are barely getting by when they should be getting ahead.” 

Kim Schwenker is a real estate broker for Sotheby’s International Realty Canada and is also seeking the Conservative nomination. She has previously worked in finance and insurance, as well as being actively involved with the St. Catharines Conservative electoral district association and her local Rotary chapter. 

“I’m inspired by the leadership of Pierre Poilievre and his vision for Canada, his message of hope for Canadians, to axe the carbon tax, make life and housing affordable again, help the homeless and those suffering from addictions and bring safety and peace to our streets,” Schwenker shared in a recent comment. “I decided it was time to step out and step up for the City of St. Catharines. I believe St. Catharines is ready to be part of the Conservative Party’s common sense renewal of Canada.”

“For the sake of our future as a community, and the wellbeing of the people of St. Catharines, I am committed to working hard to bring these values home to St. Catharines.”

The nomination period has not yet closed, and there is much speculation about additional big-name candidates joining the race in the coming days. 


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