Hydro One celebrates CPR Month, marks significant training milestone at Welland’s Notre Dame

Hydro One and ACT Foundation celebrate three million students trained in CPR and AED usage. Photo Supplied


On Thursday, Hydro One visited Welland’s Notre Dame College, alongside the Advanced Coronary Treatment (ACT) Foundation. The two organisations joined with more of their community partners to celebrate CPR month, as well as three million Ontario students having been trained in CPR and the effective use of AED (automated external defibrillators). This three million includes 76,000 students from Niagara. 

 “Hydro One is very proud to be a supporter of ACT,” Janet Holt-Killingbeck, Hydro One Director, shared in a recent interview with The Niagara Independent. “Through the grade 9 phys-ed course, students are provided with the opportunity to learn the life-saving skills of CPR,” she continued. “Seconds can make the difference in saving someone’s life and it is critical that Ontarians have all the tools they need to quickly respond to a serious medical emergency.” “Three million students now have a vital lifesaving training program under their belt and will take it with them throughout their lives.” 

“We are thrilled to hit such a momentous milestone of three million students trained thanks, in part, to the continued commitment of ACT’s provincial partner, Hydro One,” said ACT Executive Director Sandra Clarke. “Their support, along with health partners Amgen Canada and AstraZeneca Canada, and community partners, is helping the ACT Foundation enable students across the province to be ready to respond to life-threatening medical emergencies that can happen to their families members, friends, neighbours and others in their communities.” 

Karen Stearne, Executive Director of Heart Niagara, was also on tap for the event. “The incredible number of NIagara Region youth who know how to save a life because of their training through Heart Niagara School CPR and AED Program is a great example of the value of collaboration,” Stearne said. “As a community, we bring people together, leveraging their expertise for the benefit of our shared objective: to increase the ability to respond in case of emergency with CPR.” 

 “Congratulations on the ACT Foundation for reaching this incredible milestone, empowering three million youth with critical lifesaving skills,” stated Kiersten Combs, President of AstraZeneca Canada. “As a long-standing partner of the ACT Foundation, we’re proud to continue supporting their goal of establishing CPR and defibrillator training in high schools across the country and raising awareness of the importance of cardiovascular health.” 

“Amgen is honoured to support the ACT Foundation as a National health Partner,” said Amgen General Manager Ugur Gunaydin. “Rescue stories are a testament to the quality of the program and the criticality of ensuring that the education community is equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute,” he added. “Together we will continue to advance excellence in science literacy, inspire the next generation, help educators to teach more effectively, and improve access to resources for teachers, students and society at large.” 

Local governmental officials shared their enthusiasm for both the partnership and the milestone. “City of Welland recognizes these great partnerships and the enormous difference these programs will have in providing the necessary training to respond to life-threatening medical emergencies, which will ultimately save lives,” Mayor Frank Campion said. 

 “I am pleased to congratulate Notre Dame College School and All Niagara Region high schools as they help the ACT Foundation meet its goal of empowering more students with critical lifesaving skills,” said Jeff Burch, Member of Provincial Parliament for Niagara Centre. “With the ACT Foundation’s expertise in establishing training programs in CPR and defibrillator use in high schools across the province, and Hydro One’s support and that of AstraZeneca Canada and Amgen Canada and community partners, we’ve got a win-win situation.”  

“Niagara Emergency Medical Services is proud to be a partner and is encouraged by the number of students in Niagara who have taken part in the High School CPR Program to learn a potentially life saving skill,” shared Rick Ferron, Niagara EMS Chief. “We know that having more people educated in CPR strengthens the ‘Chain of Survival’, which means a higher cardiac arrest survival rate in our community. Our thanks as well to the ACT Foundation and Heart Niagara for helping to provide this important lifesaving training to an ever-growing number of Niagara residents.” 

Hydro One and the ACT Foundation have been partners since 2000. Those interested in learning more about Hydro One and/or ACT can do so by visiting their websites. 

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