Local spots to pick up a fresh cut Christmas tree this holiday season

Gallagher’s Farm Market in Fenwick (pictured) is one of several Niagara tree sellers to check out this year. Photo credit: Facebook/Gallagher’s Farm Market


Choosing a fresh Christmas tree to bring home to decorate is a tradition for many families in Ontario. Artificial trees have become more popular in recent years, however, there are many benefits to selecting a classic fresh tree this season.

According to the Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario, the advantages of a fresh Christmas tree go beyond their piney scent and festive family-bonding experience. Christmas tree farms are considered one of the most environmentally friendly crops to grow, as it does not harm existing forestry, and 90 per cent of a tree farm must remain in crop at all times.

Christmas tree farms also filter pollution out of the air and provide safe habitat to animals throughout the year. And when it comes time for disposal, your tree will not be sitting in landfill taking years to degrade, but will instead be repurposed into wood chip for mulching.

By purchasing a fresh Christmas tree, you are in fact helping the environment and keeping an Ontario farmer employed.

Locally in Niagara, there are a number of options for both pre-cut and cut-your-own Christmas tree farms to choose from, a selection of which are below.

BellyAcres Tree Farm

BellyAcres Tree Farm in Niagara-on-the-Lake is open during the week by appointment and on weekends 10:00am-4:00pm. For this season, tree varieties include Langlois Blue and White Spruce, priced at $75 for up to 7 feet tall or $90 for taller trees.

Bridgewater Creek Tree Farm

Bridgewater Creek Tree Farm in Wainfleet is a family run tree farm specializing in White Spruce trees up to 12 feet tall. The farm is open Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am-4:00pm or by appointment Monday to Friday. For the 2023 season trees are priced at $70 a tree – cash only. It is recommended to call ahead to ensure stock as available trees sell out quickly.

Gallagher’s Farm Market

Gallagher’s Farm Market in Fenwick offers fresh cut Christmas trees that are brought to the market only as needed by their local Ontario grower. In addition to fresh Christmas trees, there is a selection of fresh Christmas decor to choose from including wreaths, poinsettias, urns and indoor arrangements.

Stevensville Garden Gallery

Stevensville Garden Gallery offers a variety of pre-cut Christmas trees and fresh greenery as well as a holiday shopping experience. At this time of year, the garden gallery becomes a seasonal Christmas store, decorated from top to bottom in elaborate Christmas displays by theme. Explore the gallery for your Christmas decorating needs or simply soak up the grandeur of each themed Christmas tree.

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