Marz Homes, Niagara Conservatory of Music, partner in bringing Christmas to underprivileged youth

Local initiative teams up with country musician Tim Hicks to bring musical gifts to Niagara schools and students this holiday season. Photo Supplied.


Schools and students across Niagara are receiving the gift of music this Christmas season. Marz Homes, The Niagara Conservatory of Music and local artists are partnering to spread holiday cheer for another year. Greg Wierzcholski is the owner of the Niagara Conservatory of Music.

“The initial idea behind the initiative was to provide music lessons for less privileged youth across the region,” Wiercholski shared in a recent sit-down with The Niagara Independent. “If a family was eligible, they would receive $100 for the activity of their choice,” he continued. “This would add up to about six music lessons.”

Wierzcholski explained that two key issues quickly came to light in running the program. “As the recipients would have very limited resources, they were rarely able to continue with their lessons… even if they were really getting into their music,” he articulated. “And the other issue is that musical opportunities in schools, particularly in less affluent areas, can be quite limited,” he added. “We wanted to do something additional to help!”

Partnering with Marz Homes with the support of local musicians/artists, including Niagara-born country music star Tim Hicks, the Niagara Conservatory of Music are once again visiting three Niagara schools (Power Glen Public and Ferndale Public Elementary Schools St. Catharines as well as St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School in Niagara Falls), bringing new instruments and equipment that will help musical students to cultivate their gifts. Two additional students will be paid a visit to their homes, where they will be gifted with a special instrument that will allow them to pursue their dreams.

“We are so grateful for the support of Marz Homes, of Tim Hicks, as well as our students and families from the Conservatory… which include previous beneficiaries of the program,” Wierzcholski remarked. “It is truly humbling to see the community coming together to support our work,” he continued. “Thank you!”

Tim Hicks took the time to reflect on what the event meant to him. “I’m very excited to participate in this year’s “Day of Giving” with Greg and the whole crew at the Niagara Conservatory of Music. I’ve tagged along a few of these now and love it every time. Greg and the fine folks at Marz Homes are doing great work to make sure kids get a chance to learn music at school, and I’m honoured to be a small part of such a wonderful day.”

Tyler Running, marketing manager at Marz Homes, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “Marz Homes is honoured to be able to support such an amazing initiative as The Niagara Conservatory of Music. The work they do has such an impact on the community as it helps to bring music and the arts to those who might not have access to them. We are grateful to be able to play a role in the amazing work they do.”

The Niagara Conservatory of Music also welcomes the donation of lightly used instruments.

Those interested in learning more can visit Marz Homes and Niagara Conservatory of Music.

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