Niagara 2023: A year in review

In 2023, Niagara, Canada, saw game-changing developments: the announcement of the University of Niagara Falls Canada promised downtown revitalization, while LocoMobi’s AI production relocation signalled tech sector growth. The groundbreaking for the South Niagara Hospital set the stage for future healthcare advancements, hinting at a transformative landscape ahead. Photo credit: X/Doug Ford


As another year draws to its close, it is a good time to reflect on the developments taking place in our communities that are impacting our daily lives. 2023 may not have been a year for the record books, at least on every account, but here are a few of the top stories from the past twelve months that will continue to be a big deal in 2024 (and beyond). 

Number Four: University of Niagara Falls, Canada

Beginning in January 2024, the brand-new University of Niagara Falls Canada will be delivering classes. In the months and years ahead, the private institution, owned by Global Systems Canada, plans to provide quality business, science and technological education for domestic and international students. It is anticipated that the school will attract thousands of students, faculty and staff to downtown Niagara Falls. As a result, significant revitalization and new building of residential and business properties throughout downtown Niagara Falls is already underway!

Number Three: Regional Realignment

There has been significant discussion taking place within various levels of government regarding the realignment of municipalities in Southern Ontario. The main arguments for such a move are more efficient government and enhanced service delivery. While the communities of Mississauga and Peel have received the most news coverage in this regard, proposals regarding Niagara have also been considered (e.g. reducing the total municipalities from twelve to four). 

These are just a few of the largest stories taking place in Niagara. Residents should prepare to hold onto their hats as 2024 arrives. For many reasons, it promises to be a year of development and change. 

Number Two: Artificial intelligence production coming to Niagara

Grant Furlane is an artificial intelligence entrepreneur who lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This year, it was announced that Furlane’s start-up artificial intelligence company, LocoMobi, will be relocating all of its operations from China to Canada, specifically Niagara. As the artificial intelligence economy takes shape, having LocoMobi production in Niagara will be a significant boost to local industry. Moreover, the move is poised to attract further investment and innovation in the tech sector, while also presenting the area as an ideal landing spot for students and new Canadians. 

Number One: Niagara South Hospital Groundbreaking 

After many years of intense deliberations, planning and number crunching, construction for the new South Niagara Hospital is underway. With total costs projected to be upwards of four billion, it is anticipated that the state-of-the-art facility will be ready to admit patients beginning sometime in 2028. While the hospital will be located in Niagara Falls, it will serve patients from various Niagara municipalities. 

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