Niagara City Cruises celebrates 10th anniversary

Photo Credit: Facebook/Niagara City Cruises 

As families across Canada gear up for the unofficial kick-off to summer this weekend, one of the nation’s most famous tourist attractions is marking a significant milestone. Niagara City Cruises, led by Niagara native businessman Mory Di Maurizio, celebrated 10 years of providing boat tours for Niagara falls visitors on Wednesday, May 15th. 

“This week has been the same as any other week, in that every day is a great day to go for a boat ride,” Di Maurizio shared. “That said, we had a wonderful tenth anniversary event (on Wednesday evening), where we handed out five year and ten year service awards, and shared a lot of great memories and photos from what has been an incredible decade.” 

One of the most noteworthy things about this special occasion, Di Maurizio related, is that many of the original staff are still a part of the Niagara City Cruises team. “We have a lot of people who have been with us since Day One,” Di Maurizio explained. “We trained our team during that extremely cold winter of 2013-14, while simultaneously building the boats and everything we needed, and then began serving our guests just three months later.” 

Di Maurizio also reflected on some highlights from years gone by, including several times that Niagara City Cruises made guest appearances in famous television programs and movies. “We were included in Expedition X on Discovery, Season 10 of Amazing Race Canada, and most recently, The Hallmark Movie Falling in Love in Niagara,” he recounted. “The filming for Falling in Love in Niagara actually took place on a chillier day in November 2023, and even though the conditions were not perfect, everything was done professionally and safely, and the final product was excellent.” “We also have recurring opportunities to provide various celebrities and dignitaries with an amazing experience, which is something that we always look forward to.” 

As Niagara City Cruises embarks on its second decade of operations, Di Maurizio says that providing the highest quality experience is always at the core of everything they do. “Maintaining world-class standards is built into our annual performance… our crew drives this experience, and it is something for which we are very proud to have a proven track record” he explained. “We also pride ourselves on sustaining our exceptional health and safety standards,” he continued. “We are always looking to further enhance and modernize what we offer, so whether it be through providing better and faster products or bundling things together, our world-class experience and amazing health and safety standards are always our top priorities.” 

In closing, Di Maurizio remembered an impactful moment. “A number of years ago, one of our board members took the time to share how much would go into running the incredible service of Niagara City Cruises, especially during peak season in July and August. At the same time, the member said that the way we do it makes it look easy.” “For me, personally, that was a big deal, coming from a board member.” 

2.5 million people ride with Niagara City Cruises on an annual basis. Those interested in learning more about the experience they provide and/or to book a tour are invited to visit their website

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