Niagara’s high school football champions to be crowned tonight

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A.N. Myer’s football players get one last practice in before their championship game which kicks off today at 5 p.m.

As the playoffs come to a close, championship games begin today at the A.N. Myer football field. The senior boys matchup features the A.N. Myer Marauders who went undefeated, taking on the Westlane Spartans. The Marauders have been the only team to defeat Westlane this season. This has become the Spartans driving force to defeat the Marauders and continue to the provincial championships. As for the juniors, A.N. Myer has also reached the championships. They will take on the Greater Fort Erie squad in Fort Erie.

The Fort Erie Gryphons have a talented group of players that went undefeated this season. The Marauders also had a successful season. The Gryphons were the only team to defeat the Myer boys. The final score of that contest was 34-22 and no doubt will set the tone for tonight’s championship contest. The Marauders are looking to redeem themselves as they may have lost the battle but hope to win the war and hoist the championship trophy. Both teams have worked hard all week in practice in preparation for tonight’s rematch.

The foundation of a great team begins with a great coach. Under the hard work of Dave Buchanan and his staff, Myer football has become one of the top programs in high school football across the country. The team has earned their well-deserved spot in the championship and is ready for a hard-fought contest.

Jason Babony, head coach for the Westlane Spartans, has done a great job coaching his team this year. Coach Babony has led the Spartans to their first finals appearance in 20 years. Due to the lack of available players from Stamford and Westlane secondary schools, the coach had to combine players from both schools to create one group of athletes playing together and for each other. It’s not an easy task to bring former rivals together and have them put on the same jersey. However, Babony was able to build a team that has worked together and the success on the field shows just how well the players have gelled.

Playing right tackle for Myer is Xander DeAngelis. “We’ve been working hard and practicing hard,” says DeAngelis.  Throughout the season he has made many key blocks to protect his quarterback on passing plays and to lead Myers running attack. On the other side of the ball, Tucker Lynch anchors Myer’s defensive line. At Friday’s game, Lynch will need to pressure the quarterback and defend against the Spartans running attack. Jay Patel plays on both sides of the ball; he is a slotback and defensive back. Patel is a key player; his versatility and dedication to the game is extraordinary.

Players from Myer are expecting a tougher game this time around. Despite defeating Westlane in the regular season, the Marauders are remaining level-headed and focused. “We know we’re up against a tough opponent,” says coach Buchanan. It all comes down to one game. Niagara’s public high school football champion will be crowned tonight.

The championship games will kick off tonight with the junior boys playing at 7:00 p.m. at the Greater Fort Erie High School on Garrison Road. The senior squads will begin play at 5:00 p.m. at A.N. Myer on O’Neil Street. Whether you’re a fan of football or looking for a way to spend your Friday night supporting high school athletics, it is an excellent way to get involved with the community. Tickets for both events are just a couple of bucks and can be purchased at the gate. For more information or current standing on local teams visit

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