Parents fight back

More parents and grandparents in provinces across the country are starting to push back against the radical gender ideology being introduced to young children in schools. Photo credit: Getty Images


It took a while, but we are finally seeing groups of parents and grandparents fighting back in Ontario and other provinces against the ridiculous and extreme “woke” curriculum in public schools – and notably primary schools. The main objections of parents are a result of gender ideology being taught to very young children, along with such events as Drag Queen Story Hour and the like, with parents often excluded from knowing what their children are doing.  

A recent example took place in Windsor, Ontario, where parents protested outside of the office of NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky’s office to oppose the approach of the Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) to gender policy and how they treat parents’ rights. Currently, this school board permits children to change their pronouns and/or gender without the knowledge of their parents. In response to the disruptions caused by parents, the school board had the gall to temporarily bar members of the public from board meetings, in the name of “safety”. It is outrageous that school boards believe they have the right to bar the attendance of the parents and taxpayers who fund the system and deserve to have their voices heard.

The parents’ group that protested the GECDSB’s positions call themselves Parents for Parents’ Rights, and not surprisingly wanted to be informed if their child decided to change their pronouns or gender. The fact that this would even be debatable defies belief. Some school board trustees tried to claim that the parents protesting were merely a “vocal minority”, but a recent poll would suggest otherwise. The organization Second Street commissioned a poll by Leger that found 56 per cent of Ontario respondents thought that parents should be informed if their child chose to change their gender or pronouns and only 19 per cent disagreed. Far from being a vocal minority, it seems that the silent majority is actually beginning to speak up. 

Other parents’ groups are springing up in other locations to oppose these issues as well. In Saskatchewan, a highly controversial pamphlet was made available by Planned Parenthood to Grade 9 students. Although the pamphlet was not part of the actual Planned Parenthood presentation, students were able to obtain it and some parents subsequently complained about the explicit sexual material it contained. Responding to the complaints, Saskatchewan Education Minister Dustin Duncan quickly announced that Planned Parenthood would no longer be making presentations in secondary schools for the time being. Planned Parenthood complained about being excluded, but it was a poor decision on their part to have such material made available to Grade 9 students. 

In New Brunswick, Premier Blaine Higgs has introduced Policy 713, a policy meant to establish minimum standards for schools to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ students. The policy has been highly controversial because it requires students under 16 to obtain their parents’ permission to have school staff refer to them with different names and pronouns. There are still provisions in cases where students are fearful of informing their parents that they can work with guidance counsellors or social workers to make that process more comfortable. 

Several of Higgs’ Cabinet colleagues opposed Policy 713, and two resigned from Cabinet. Some politicians were even talking about having a leadership review based on this issue. Federal Minister Seamus O’Regan also weighed in on the topic, implying that teachers could be more helpful to children than parents in such situations. PM Justin Trudeau also weighed in, and suggested this policy was hateful and “far-right”. Initially, the opposition to Higgs’ policy change was loud and boisterous, but as time went on, parents have increasingly been supportive of the change. 

Looking through history, it is far-left, communist governments that have wanted to separate children from their parents and break down the family unit. The Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels famously endorsed the “abolition of the family”, as they saw the family as an institution that helped preserve capitalism. In modern times, societies with strong families tend to be associated with strong economies and a good standard of living. What the public education system in many provinces is trying to do by keeping parents excluded from a very important element of their children’s lives is unacceptable, and hopefully more provincial governments will have the courage to weigh in on this issue in future. 

Acceptance of and fairness to people of all sexual orientations is something that has been advanced significantly in recent decades and is a very positive development in our society. However, it now seems the pendulum has swung too far in efforts to expose very young children to gender and sexualized concepts that will only confuse and frighten vulnerable kids, and keep parents in the dark about important aspects of their children’s lives. It appears the pendulum has begun to swing back to a more moderate middle position. It’s about time. 

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