South Niagara Chambers of Commerce launches new ‘Let’s Talk’ initiative

It’ll provide chamber members with access to accurate information on topics of local importance and allow them to engage in meaningful dialogue. Photo credit: Pexels/Ketut Subiyanto 


After months of pandemic-induced disconnection, the South Niagara Chambers of Commerce (SNCC) is trying to kickstart dialogue between members with a newly launched initiative called ‘Let’s Talk’. 

The whole point of the program, according to SNCC executive director Dolores Fabiano, is to provide local businesses with accurate, up-to-date information on a variety of local issues, while giving them a forum to engage and ask questions. 

“We realized that there is so much information out there, not all of it factual. We wanted to ensure that our businesses had all of the facts on issues impacting our communities,” said Fabiano. “Once they had the facts then they could provide meaningful input which would assist our Chambers in developing an advocacy agenda.”

As part of the initiative, about every few months the SNCC will produce an information-packed overview blog post equipped with relevant links regarding a particular topic of interest and importance to Niagara area businesses. 

Chamber members can then comment and ask questions by filling out a contact form online.

At the conclusion of the engagement period, SNCC staff will review submissions, compile a summary of the comments and questions, and then circulate the resultant compilation to its over 1,500 members. 

“We want to understand where our members stand on issues. Educating and gathering input is critical to our ability to advocate for our local business needs,” said Fabiano.

“We want to ensure our members are not only aware of issues, but have an understanding based on facts.” 

The SNCC’s first ‘Let’s Talk’ blog post was released earlier this month and covers transportation policy in Niagara. 

A large, complex topic, the post discusses how transportation fits into the Niagara Region’s long-term economic development strategy, and touches on things like the proposed Niagara Mid-Peninsula Highway Corridor, increased daily GO service to the area, and consolidated regional transit. 

Future topics, according to Fabiano, will be driven by organization membership. 

“We know that labour is a big issue as well and shipping and supply chain. I’m sure these will be featured.”

Anyone interested, whether a chamber member or not, can read the SNCC’s first installment of ‘Let’s Talk’ here

The South Niagara Chambers of Commerce is comprised of four local chambers representing six Niagara municipalities: Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne, Wainfleet, Welland, and Pelham. 

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