St. Catharines awarded $2.3 million in provincial top-up funding for exceeding housing targets

 The Building Faster Fund is a three year program that began in late-2023. Over this designated period, $1.2 billion will be distributed from the province to designated municipalities to facilitate a resolution to the housing crisis. Pictured: MPP Sam Oosterhoff, Minister Paul Calandra and Mayor Mat Siscoe. Photo Credit: Paul Calandra/X.

In recognition of it surpassing exceptional building targets in 2023, the Ontario Government has awarded $2,355,000 to the municipality of St. Catharines to facilitate more projects. The funding, which was announced on March 11 by Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Paul Calandra, will be provided through the Building Faster Fund. 

 “I applaud the work being done by St. Catharines and all the other municipalities that are making substantial progress toward their 2031 housing targets,” Calandra said. “My message to mayors across this province is that we must continue to work together and build on our progress on making homeownership a reality for everyone. We will give you the tools you need to succeed in our shared goal.” 

St. Catharines Mayor Mat Siscoe reflected on his city’s record on housing in addressing the top-up funding announcement. 

“We are very pleased to be recipients of the Building Faster Fund – it is a testament to the strong collaboration between the City of St. Catharines, the Province of Ontario, and the Niagara Home Builders Association,” Siscoe stated. “Getting housing built in our community will require continued collaboration, and I am proud to be working with these good partners at the table.” 

Sam Oosterhoff, Member of Provincial Parliament for Niagara West, was also on tap for the announcement. 

“The City of St. Catharines is leading the way in Ontario by building more homes faster,” Oosterhoff shared. “I congratulate Mayor Siscoe and city council and planning staff for increasing the number of housing permits last year and addressing the housing supply crisis in Niagara.” 

The Building Faster Fund is a three-year program that began in late 2023. Over this designated period, $1.2 billion will be distributed from the province to designated municipalities to help deal with the housing crisis. 

The Regional Municipality of Niagara grew by more than 30,000 (6.8%) between 2016 and 2021. It is estimated that Niagara will grow exponentially over the coming three decades, with an additional 200,000 people expected to make Niagara their home by mid-century. St. Catharines, which is the largest of the twelve cities and townships, is home to more than a quarter of all residents. 


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