Welland residents to see an increase of 3.15 per cent in 2024

Mayor Frank Campion expresses satisfaction with the finalized 2024 budget, emphasizing its focus on city services, infrastructure improvements, and affordability following the conclusion of the City of Welland’s budget review process. Photo Credit: Wikipedia 


City of Welland councillors recently concluded a review of Mayor Frank Campion’s proposed 2024 budget. The process involved meticulous considerations and final determinations regarding several significant allocations poised to impact the city’s infrastructure and services substantially. For residents of Welland, it means a 3.15 per cent increase to their property tax bill, not including the region’s increase, which has yet to be determined. 

The new budget allocates $7.5 million for crucial roadway improvements, roughly $3.9 million to enhance facilities, and approximately $4 million to bolster parks and open spaces. Moreover, a substantial emphasis is on $5.1 million allocated for water-related infrastructure improvements, with an additional $6.5 million directed towards enhancing wastewater systems.

The 2024 operating budget is estimated to slightly exceed $113 million, comprising an approximate $37.3 million allocation for water and wastewater within the rate-supported operating budget, approximately $75.7 million for the tax-supported operating budget, and a combined capital budget of about $37 million.

Given Niagara’s regional governance framework, property tax revenues are distributed among municipalities, the region, and the school board. The forthcoming 2024 property tax increase will be calculated by incorporating Welland’s municipal share (3.15 per cent) with the anticipated adjustments from the Region and School Board. The increase is expected to result in an average annual rise of $56 in household expenses, with water and wastewater bills projected to increase by an average of $34 for residential users.

Budget 2024 marks a significant milestone as the first budget passed since the Ontario Government granted Strong Mayor Powers to the City of Welland. Following Mayor Campion’s decision to reduce the 10-day veto amendment period, the budget process concluded on December 6. As a result, the revised version of the budget discussed during the December 5 City Council meeting has now been officially adopted.

Mayor Frank Campion expressed his satisfaction with the finalized budget, highlighting, “Council worked diligently with staff to create a budget that not only upholds city services, programs, and sustainability but also addresses affordability. This budget signifies a substantial investment in our city’s collective well-being, both in the immediate future and the long run.”

For more information on the budget, visit the City of Welland Budget 2024.

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