Woe Canada!

The Trudeau government has paid over $800,000 to create a number of new logos for Canada Day. Photo Credit: Blacklock’s Reporter.

We discovered this week that, as reported by Blacklock’s Reporter news service, the Trudeau government has paid over $800,000 to create a number of new logos for Canada Day. This preposterous project was undertaken because it was somehow perceived Canadians were not sufficiently “flag-waving” although quietly patriotic. The Privy Council paid for focus groups to be conducted on the four new logo designs as a means of boosting enthusiasm for Canada Day. None of the logos were found to be especially inspiring by the focus groups. 

It might have been more productive for the Privy Council to look into the impact on Canadians of having a Prime Minister who declared early on in his tenure that, “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada” to the New York Times. Trudeau added that he saw Canada as “the first post-national state.” This should have been the first warning to Canadians about Trudeau’s plans to undermine our national history and the values that are vital in Canada. 

If Trudeau had been honest, he would have said that Canada does indeed have a core identity and a mainstream, but that he was determined to change that and transform Canada into the first post-national state. Sadly, he has made some progress along those lines by pursuing policies that increased regional and other divisions among various Canadian identity groups, undermined national unity and weakened our economy and standard of living. 

Trudeau has consistently and arrogantly talked down Canada, lowering our national flag for months in the name of a supposed genocide of indigenous children who attended residential schools, some of which took place during his father’s tenure. This event increasingly appears to be a total fabrication as not one of the purported graves has been found. Trudeau has never expressed opposition to the tearing down of monuments of important Canadian historical figures who, warts and all, worked hard and successfully as founders of our country. 

Contrary to the Privy Council’s view that Canadians are not sufficiently patriotic, recent public opinion polls show a large majority of Canadians have rejected Trudeau’s “post-national state” fantasy and prefer the pre-Trudeau reality of Canada as a free, tolerant, democratic and successful country. As for patriotism, it’s interesting to observe that in recent years the most “flag-waving” event that happened was the truckers’ convoy to Ottawa. During that time, untold numbers of Canadians waited on highway overpasses across Canada in the freezing cold to wave Canadian flags and support the goals of the convoy in their opposition to government dictates that greatly limited our freedoms. It’s hardly surprising that Trudeau’s response to this outpouring of patriotism was to invoke the extreme and unnecessary Emergencies Act, which our courts have more recently overruled as breaching Charter rights and called one of the worst examples of government overreach during the pandemic. 

The past week or so has seen the federal Liberals undertake a major campaign to provide “free” menstrual products in public washrooms with cabinet ministers and other Liberal MPs sporting ridiculous “menstrual bracelets” of mostly white beads with a few red ones thrown in for effect. We have also seen two Jewish schools being shot at in Toronto and Montreal, with minimal comment from the Liberals while a group of retired Liberals such as Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock publicly promote the notion that the Canadian government should uphold the International Court of Justice’s pronouncement to pursue charges against not only the terrorist group Hamas, but the democratically elected Israeli government. It’s hard to imagine any of this happening in the pre-Trudeau times. 

The Liberals also announced its plans to bring 5,000 Gazan refugee families to Canada which, given the large average size of these families, could result in many thousands of people entering Canada who are likely predisposed to hatred of Jews and our Canadian values of tolerance and equality. A Liberal-appointed Senator asked for an investigation into Canada’s history of slavery, when no such history exists. We also found out that the Liberals hired foreign sharpshooters shooting from helicopters to cull a BC deer herd at a cost of $12 million when Canadian hunters would have been able and willing to do it for free, and probably more humanely. The way in which this government continues to spend our hard-earned tax dollars willy-nilly at a time when we as a country are effectively broke is mind boggling. 

The foregoing events represented merely one week in the life of the Trudeau Liberals. It certainly is difficult to imagine a more absurd government in the history of Canada. As Canada Day is just a few weeks away, it’s pretty clear that the last thing Canada needs is to waste our tax dollars on a lame new Canada Day logo. What we really need is a new government. ASAP.

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