April 4, 2020

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The branding of our daughters

by Johanna Downey

I sat down and spoke with my 13 year-old daughter the other day and I was immediately struck
with two profound takeaways.
One, school is still a hotbed of cliques, class war and identity crisis with kids under pressure,
yearning to be noticed. Back then it was Valley girl, today it’s VSCO, but take your pick.

Response to Ford Flip-flop

by Steve Clark

I want to address statements made in “Ford’s Municipal Flip-Flop” published in the Niagara Independent on October 29, 2019.
Earlier this year, our government conducted a review of Ontario’s eight regional governments and Simcoe County, including Niagara Region. Municipalities in the review have experienced significant changes since regional governments were first established over 50 years ago. We wanted to ensure that the current system was respecting taxpayers’ dollars and working efficiently for Ontarians.


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