Conservatives need to decide who can beat Trudeau

by Melissa Lantsman

Ever since Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer announced his own departure last month, more attention has been granted to the wild speculation about who might replace him rather than why? or even, how?
Conservatives across the country have rightly, or wrongly, come to believe that in October’s election, Liberals snatched victory from the jaws of their own orchestrated near-defeat — and that defeat was easily avoidable.

andrew scheer, leadership debate

A Centralized Procurement System in Ontario. Finally.

by Melissa Lantsman

Two words. Public procurement.
While eyes glaze over for some when the words public procurement are uttered – for citizens and companies interacting with government – it is widely agreed that public procurement can be fraught with inefficiency, waste and perhaps even widespread fraud in government.
This is not just an Ontario phenomenon.

queens park

What’s next for the Ontario PCs?

by Melissa Lantsman

It’s official, Ontario Premier Doug Ford was the ‘newsmaker’ of the summer and there is no slowing down in sight. And, if you think you’ve seen it all, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”
Last week, Premier Ford invoked the constitutional notwithstanding clause to override a judge’s surprise decision that blocked his government from cutting the size of Toronto city council. The legislature was called back before its original intended date of September 24th to retable a slightly amended version of the Better Local Government Act. 


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